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SOULSISTERS’ Jobs in Kaprun

The best things evolve together as a team.

Where the SOULSISTERS’ Family meet to work together, the finest holiday pleasure and cool memories are created. Here with us it is not just guests that feel great. The inspiring work climate and popular benefits provide the perfect setting. As well as the popular staff benefits there are also exclusive corporate SOULSISTERS’ extras for our team.

Zusammenarbeit als Team

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Benefits as part of the SOULSISTERS’ family at a glance:

  • Open-minded team & relaxed work environment  
    Our team brings together well-coordinated and tried and proven work sequences, with a sense for the new and always in a forward-looking manner. Responsible department managers are always ready to listen to creative approaches and fresh ideas. Personal initiative is very welcome!
  • Electronic service plan system with exact time recording
    In SOULSISTERS’ work hours are automatically recorded and accounted. The service plan and working times can be easily seen.
  • Staff rooms in a specific staff building or in the hotel
    Ambitious work methods face regeneration times in the wonderful region. The cosy staff rooms in the separate employee building, with views to the unique natural surroundings, are the perfect place to relax with the SOULSISTERS’ gang.
  • Free meals - even on your days off
    At SOULSISTERS’ it is not just our guests that are indulged – the SOULSISTERS’ Family enjoy fresh meals cooked daily.
  • Free WLAN
    Free WLAN is available in the hotel and in the staff building.
  • Yearly position
    Experience Kaprun in spring, summer, autumn and winter – thanks to annual positions, you are spared bridging times and repeat job searches.
  • Performance-related pay
    The SOULSISTERS’ family do of course receive performance-related pay. Salary is discussed on an individual basis, depending on requirements, hours and ideas.
  • Individual further training and promotion options
    We love it when SOULSISTERS’ Family members want to continue with their training – what could be nicer than worldy and versatile hosts? We are also happy to receive individual enquiries!
  • Staff fitness subscription in Injoy, Kaprun
    The perfect balance – Injoy has strength and endurance equipment for an ideal work-out as well as courses and a sauna area.
  • Team4U benefits
    Lots of cool offers are available free, or at a discounted rate, in the region for SOULSISTERS’. Information about free entry to Sigmund Thun gorge, lido discount and much more is available here.
  • Corporate benefits
    Be inspired by the corporate benefits at SOULSISTERS’! Super easy, super fun.
Restaurant Soul Kitchen im Hotel Soulsisters'
gemütliche Sitzgelegenheiten im Wellness Hotel Soulsisters'
Ruhebereich im Spa Hotel Soulsisters' in Kaprun
Tee und Erfrischungsbar im Wellnessbereich vom Hotel Soulsisters'
gemütlicher Lobbybereich im Boutique Hotel Soulsisters'
gemütliche Sitzgelegenheit in der Lifestyle Suite im Hotel Soulsisters'

FAQs about the SOULSISTERS’ gang

Are there other jobs in Kaprun at SOULSISTERS’ as well as those listed?

Send us your prospective application Prospective application

What is the salary for a SOULSISTERS’ Family member?

We are delighted to be able to offer our SOULSISTERS’ Family a living wage system. Let's talk about ideas, experience and strengths!

Are there staff rooms in SOULSISTERS’ in Kaprun?

Yes, you can stay in one of our staff rooms in the separate team building or in the hotel. The dreamy views to the natural surroundings are an additional highlight!